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    **Puppy Plans**

             For 2015

Puppy Inquires Welcome!

You may contact us: 

Dr. George Hall or Lori Fisher 


E-mail:  Lorinp@bellsouth.net


Phone:  912-897-8797

We look forward to talking with you about the Swedish Vallhund breed, and our puppy plans.


                      The Current

                                     # 1

Swedish Vallhund

                      in the U.S.A. 


Pictured here with Frank


Agent:  Frank Murphy, AKC Registered Handler


About us!

I have been an animal lover all my life.  But in 1989, I got my first Scottish Terrier, and I was hooked.  I attended a few all breed dog shows, and I thought surely I could do that...so I did.  I began showing and grooming Scottish Terriers, and did that for many years.  I finished several champions, and learned the art of stripping and rolling a coat, which is very humbling when waiting for a "blown" coat to grow back. 

When we relocated to Georgia a few years ago, we suddenly found ourselves without any dogs.   We had out-lived our beloved Scotties. While our Scottie Clan will always have a special place in our hearts, we have now experienced the love and joy that comes with owning a Swedish Vallhund.  

Our Kennel is located in Savannah Georgia on the beautiful Wilmington Island.  We have been very fortunate to be able to import most of our dogs from Sweden. Our dogs were selected based on pedigree, health history, temperament, structure, and general good looks.  We enjoy showing our dogs in conformation, and while we have finished several Champions to date; we are looking forward to many years of Champions to come. 

We strive to breed healthy and happy Swedish Vallhunds in the U.S. with guidance from knowledgable breeders from all around the world.  Our focus is to breed dogs that support the standard of the breed.  As responsible breeders, our aim is to perserve and improve on the breed we have choosen to devote our lives to.

We know that our dogs that will make a positive impact on the lives of the people they love, and that love them. 

We expect potential puppy owners to be ready and willing to open their home and hearts to our special little ones.

We are active members of the Swedish Vallhund Club of America, and I am currently a member of the Health and Genetics Committee for the club.

Our Vallhunds continue to bring such joy and excitement to our lives, and we cannot imagine life without them!

Pyrimme Keyshia Cole ja ympäristön suojelemiseksi ja kaikki joka asuu siellä!

(We cherish, and strive to protect the environment and everything that lives there!)


Kennel Hall Swedish Vallhunds

Dr. George Hall and Lori Fisher

Savannah, GA 

Phone: 912-897-8797

E-mail:  Lorinp@bellsouth.net